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A Hidden Pub in Aeon Mall Sen Sok
With supports and good reviews of Puzzles, now Puzzles 2 has come to the scene to bring the
best drink in town with a great chilling atmosphere. Have been to Aeon Mall Sen Sok but ever
known there is a hidden bar inside the mall? You cannot get more fun than to chill after a tiring
shopping day in the mall. Opened at 9AM until 12 midnight, Puzzles 2 serves good food in
daytime and great drink in the night time. Live Band is to put on show and perform a relaxing
music in the evening.
Puzzles 2 serves Khmer-Thai cuisine and fresh draught beer from Belgium. The quality and
freshness of ingredients brings out pleasant flavour. The food tastes even better with fresh beer
and signature cocktail. FoodBuzz is going to take you to what we have actually experienced.
We started off with Pilcard Fish Salad with Shrimp Paste. Served on a big round plate, Fried
Pilcard Fish is sided with fresh vegetable and tempura-style sliced eggplant. Dip the fish and
vegetable into the spicy and flavourful Shrimp Paste, with a touch of lime juice. You can enjoy
the plate with draught beer or cocktail.
Another mouthwatering dish is Hat Yai Fried Chicken Wings. Fried Chicken lovers would love
it, the fried chicken wings are moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. Don’t forget to dip
the chicken wing in the sauce to add more flavour.
Besides, Puzzles 2 provides a large variety of dishes on the menu including one of the best
signature dishes, Puzzles Corn Salad. You may also want to have breakfast with your family at
Puzzles 2. Get yourself and your family a family set of Fried Rice dishes.
However, the dishes cannot be enjoyed without a presence of drink. We, FoodBuzz, witnessed
the most satisfying drinks on the menu. Starting with one of Signature Rio Cooler Cocktails, we
tasted Rio Lime, the sweet and sour making it one of our new favourite drink. If you are a
cocktail enthusiast, get yourself one of the Signature Rio Cooler Cocktails including Rio Lime,
Rio Peach, Rio Rose Whisky, Rio Grape, Rio Fruit Punch, and Rio Orange.
Your food taste even better with a pretty blue twist on a classic Blue Margarita.
Served in a frozen glass, Draught beer we tasted was light and sugar-cane like-taste with 5% of
alcohol. The fresh Limburgse Witte beer was shipped straight from Belgium.
If you are a wine person, give Limburgse Rosé a try. No Rosé is as sweet as Limburgse Rosé.
Get a glass, a bottle or a 3L Draught of Limburgse Rosé or Limburgse Witte. There are also a
large number of handpicked wine exclusively shipped from Belgium for you to choose.
Dare to take this flaming burnt liquor shot? Let us introduce you to B-25, firm and superb taste
in one shot, which is the famous shot in Puzzles 2.
There is a special promotion to watch out. You will get one draught beer for free when you order
a draught beer in any sizes. The promotion is applied until out of stock.
Another great place to enjoy a night out is Puzzles 2.
Price Range: Starting from $3.50
Opening Hours: 9:00AM – 12:00AM midnight
Location: AEON MALL Sen Sok City, Phnom Penh (Next to Brown Café) | Google map :